GTA (Global Trust Association) is an American Independent Examination Institute engaged in providing recognition and value to professionals seeking to increase their job opportunities globally. Having a rigorous certification scheme in accordance with the international standard ISO/IEC 17024, GTA ensures that professionals who pass its certification exams actually acquire in-depth knowledge regarding each subject evaluated.

After passing the audits by BSI (British Standards Institution), GTA has earned the ISO20000, ISO27001 and ISO9001 certifications, which support its processes of accreditation, management, support and assistance, the management of certification exams and professional training through its digital platform, the development of content, exams and professional training structures.

With headquarters in the city of New York, GTA was created with the mission and purpose of providing the global market a real option that ensures not only a correct knowledge acquisition but also the support and assurance that both professionals and organizations require today.


¿Why choosing GTA?

GTA has designed an examination structure that assures not only the knowledge acquisition required from candidates but their skills when passing an exam that has really been a challenge.

GTA, through its platform Believe®, provides security and confidence to both the candidates and the organizations working with us.

GTA provides a supporting and fast-responding structure to all of its partners, which greatly increases their ability to conduct business and close deals quickly.

GTA is constantly updated so that its partners are always provided with a varied, updated and high-demand portfolio globally.

GTA is supported by an important network of specialists whose expertise –beyond the simple theory– has been obtained from the daily activity performed in their respective professional areas.

GTA has clear, simple and powerful procedures which facilitate the interaction between each Partner and our managers, thus overcoming certain relevant factors, such as time difference, lack of attention on the part of the examination institute, language, and the various cultural barriers present in dealing with an organization that doesn’t really know the market.

GTA knows firsthand the reality of its Partners and understands the real needs of their businesses. In this way, GTA designs and delivers a value rarely seen when working with an Examination Institute.

GTA is an independent examination institute; thus it is not aligned with any hardware or software manufacturer. Accordingly, its certification scheme is designed in such a way that it is possible to manage and apply it in any environment or situation.

Some of our partners

Our network of partners extends throughout Latin America and Spain, providing true coverage and support to all professionals who rely on our certifications.

Due to recent attacks and information theft suffered by some of the main examination institutes worldwide, and aligned with our Information Security policies, the sensitive information of our partners has been removed from this section. For more reference: contact@globaltrustassociation.org

Our professional certifications

GTA has designed and developed its certifications taking into account the competitiveness of today’s world; therefore, all of its certification areas cover the needs of professionals requiring to demonstrate a clear and in-depth knowledge for the various subjects we address.